Subridens Pandam


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I hereby present to you… Malefistache. I got this idea and I can’t stop #lol


Hey cupcake~ you don’t wear tailcoat? HAHAHA


Anonymous whispered: "Okay since they won't say it, I will. You're reposting those Kya memes from jinoras-light. Maybe stop, please? It's kind of disrespectful towards the work they put into it."

I am really sorry for what happened. I didn’t mean to show some kind of disrespect towards their work. I found all the memes in Facebook and I decided that they are really cool, so posting them would be fantastic but I didn’t check out for them in Tumblr and just posted them. I am really sorry, I want to apologise to jinoras-light. Since they are already posted on my profile, I think that the best option is to post a link to jinoras-light in the description, so I source the images. Once again, really sorry for what happened, I didn’t mean to be an ass. Have a nice day, whoever you are, thanks for contacting me, you’re awesome! ;)